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Hong Kong returns to violence with tear gas and molotovs

HONG KONG: Hong Kong riot police fired tear gas and water cannons at hardcore pro-democracy protesters hurling rocks and petrol bombs on Sunday, tipping the violence-plagued city back into chaos after a brief lull in clashes.

15th, September 2019, 05:45pm

Underfire PM calls up Hulk, claims 'huge' Brexit progress

LONDON: Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted Sunday that "huge" progress was being made in Brexit talks and declared Britain would break out of the European Union just like the comicbook hero Hulk.

15th, September 2019, 05:45pm

Ferries, marine tours halted at Ko Chang

TRAT: Ferry services and coastal and waterfall tours were halted after water runoff inundated low-lying properties on Ko Chang in this eastern border province amidst torrential rain and rough seas.

15th, September 2019, 05:11pm

Man smashes window, bleeds to death

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT: A man died from excessive bleeding from a cut on the arm at a shrimp farm Hua Sai district on Sunday morning, police said.

15th, September 2019, 04:08pm

Philippines boosts swine fever checks as pigs die in capital

MANILA: The Philippines wants operators who raise pigs in their backyards, which account for 65% of the nation’s hog output, to be more vigilant in monitoring for African swine fever after dozens of the animals were found dead in cities in Manila.

15th, September 2019, 04:02pm

Monorail link planned for Don Mueang airport

The Airports of Thailand Plc plans to build a 3-kilometre monorail electric train route to link Don Mueang international airport with the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Green Line on the Mor Chit-Saphan Mai-Khu Khot route in Bangkok's northern suburb, Don Mueang airport deputy director Flying Officer Sampan Khutaranond said.

15th, September 2019, 02:57pm

Malaysia to fight smog with cloud seeding

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia plans to carry out cloud seeding in central Selangor state and parts of the peninsular to fight the haze sweeping the region, the Star newspaper reported, citing government deputy minister Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis.

15th, September 2019, 02:14pm

Protesters call on UK to protect Hong Kongers from China

HONG KONG: Pro-democracy protesters rallied outside Britain's consulate in Hong Kong on Sunday, demanding London do more to protect its former colonial subjects and ramp up pressure on Beijing over sliding freedoms.

15th, September 2019, 01:45pm

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