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Prince Andrew interview is a PR nightmare and a national joke

In 2006, Prince Andrew invited Jeffrey Epstein to the 18th birthday party of his daughter Beatrice. Andrew didn't know, he claims, that an arrest warrant had been issued for Epstein earlier that year for sexual assault of a minor -- because Epstein had never mentioned it to him. (Even though the British royal family have numerous staff who vet guests.)

19th, November 2019, 09:07pm

Better late than never -- Trump's latest gift to Netanyahu

The Trump administration's reversal of decades of US foreign policy on Israeli settlements in the West Bank has been in the works for a year, says a US official, but the timing couldn't have been better for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

19th, November 2019, 08:59pm

Stephen Miller has to go

Last week the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report that lays bare senior White House advisor Stephen Miller's support for white nationalism.

19th, November 2019, 08:19pm

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